Brussels attacks: investigating commission goes to heart of the matter

The parliamentary commission investigating the Brussels attacks will hear, Wednesday at 2:00 pm, behind closed doors, the judicial and police field staff.
The meeting is expected to last until late in the evening.

The first-line actors will be heard, those who determined the charges or neglected to do so. The focus of attention will be on the “red files” of the Abdeslam brothers, which were filed with no follow-up prior to the Paris attacks. Expected among the actors are the Federal Judicial Police of Brussels, the main unit for combatting grave and financial criminality of the Federal Police, the Brussels Prosecutor’s Office, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, and the police department of Molenbeek.

The commissioners will also be interested in the transmission of information at the national and international levels, with particular interest in the Cambrai incident, where Salah Abdeslam was checked without consequences when returning from the attacks in Paris. The Belgian deputies will seek declarations from the French police officers, examining in detail the operation of the different databases, both national and international.

Finally, the Malines incident will also be examined. According to the parliamentary commission, the Malines police should have transmitted to the national database information it received from one of its agents regarding the Abdeslam brothers. The field actors’ hearing should go ahead in a precise and direct manner, with these persons responding directly to parlia

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