Belgium ranks first in The National Cyber Security Index

Belgian security

Belgium is at the top of the National Cyber Security Index, a list that aims to provide an indication of resilience to cyber threats. The list includes 175 countries. Latvia and Estonia are in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, while the Netherlands is in 20th place.

The National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) is a global live index , which measures the extent to which countries are prepared to prevent cyber threats and control cyber incidents. It is an initiative of NCSI Project Team, a government organization from Estonia.

The NCSI’s indicators are developed according to the National Cybersecurity Framework, which targets fundamental cyber threats such as the denial of e-services, data integrity breaches, and data confidentiality breaches. “Threats that have a direct impact on the normal functioning of National Information and communication systems.”

The list includes 175 countries. Latvia and Estonia complete the top 3, Germany is on 5. The Netherlands at 20 and the US at 44. The country of South Sudan ranks 175th and last.

The NCSI focuses on measurable aspects of cybersecurity implemented by the government such as applicable legislation, organization, forms of cooperation and results.

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