European Parliament wants to build its own hotel in Strasbourg

The president of the European Parliament wants to build a hotel for his own MEPs and their entourage. The hotel strengthens the many critics in their objections to the monthly relocation of the EP from Brussels to Strasbourg.

With the arrival of the hotel, the Parliament would settle even more firmly in Staatsburg, much to the delight of France. Every month, the European Parliament, with staff, officials and journalists in its wake, departs for a few days from Brussels to the French city on the border with Germany. The dissatisfaction with this move and its costs, has been great for years, but in vain.

The hotel should ” make it easier to organize high-quality events of Parliament.” This can be read in a letter from Roberta Metsola, president of the European Parliament, to the then French Prime Minister Jean Castex. The exchange of letters between the two dates back to February this year, but details have now come out via various media. The hotel would ‘strengthen the EP’s presence in Strasbourg and increase Strasbourg’s role’, Castex writes jubilantly back.

In fact, Metsola wants to convert the existing Salvador de Madariaga building in Strasbourg, already part of the real estate portfolio, into a hotel. Parliamentarians, employees, lobbyists and journalists could stay there for those few days a month. The building now mainly houses offices of EU employees.

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