Record excess of a million litres of wine produced in Belgium in 2015

In 2015, Belgian winegrowers produced 1,025,499 litres of wine, or a flowing increase of 322,686 litres (or up by 46%) compared to 2014.

This has been announced today (Friday) by the FPS Economy. This is a record-breaker for the sector.

“A million litres is a record for the Belgian viticulture sector,” indicated Chantal De Pauw, the spokeswoman for FPS Economy.

She said, “This astounding result as mainly due to the good climatic conditions, the constant increase in wine-growing land and to the ageing vineyards, which, taken together, allow us to attain an optimum production.”

She went further, “Besides, during the last six years, national wine production has increased by a factor of five, whilst the total wine-growing area has tripled. It is clear for all to see; Belgian wines have the wind in their sails!”

Belgian wine-growers particularly produce sparkling wines (474,829 litres being 46% of 2015 production) and white wine (375,816 litres of 37% of the year’s production).

Red wine (118,283 litres or 12% of the harvest) and rosé (53,079 litres or 5% of the yield) are produced in lower quantities.

Above all, the 2015 harvest has been characterized by favourable volumes. Such wines have low sugar content and low acidity rates.

In 2015, 103 wine-growers were identified and contacted, with a view to obtaining production data.

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