Allowance of 130 euros granted to 95,000 nurses

By the end of this year, 95,000 nurses will each receive a gross allowance of 130 euros, following a decision to that effect by Health Minister Maggie de Block and Labour Minister Kris Peeters, Het Laatste Nieuws daily reported on Tuesday.

The two ministers have been working for some time now on a draft social accord for the federal health care sector that will determine, among other things, working and salary conditions for the next four years. A sensitive issue in this regard is that an employee with a higher diploma is paid more for the same job than a colleague with a lower diploma. The Government wants to change this, which means giving wage increases to some workers, which has budgetary implications.

The Government had earmarked 50 million euros for this, but the two ministers only sent the draft agreement to their social partners on Monday, much later than planned. As a result, salaries could not be adjusted this year since employers’ associations and unions need to present the proposal to their members.

However, the 50 million euros will still be shared this year among the 95,000 nursing staff in the private health care sector. They will each receive a gross allowance of 130 euros.

The author: Michel THEYS

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