Customers steal from 9 out of 10 catering establishments

Customers steal decorations, cutlery, glasses and more from 9 cafés and restaurants out of 10, the Neutral Independents Union (SNI) said in a press release on Saturday.

It even happens every day in 5% of the nearly 500 establishments asked. One owner in five says this type of theft has dramatically increased over the last two years.

“Despite the fact they are often small objects, these thefts cause profit losses of up to 2,500 euros a year”, says Christine Mattheuws, the President of the SNI.

The five types of objects stolen the most are salt and pepper pots (41%), different sorts of decorations (35%), cutlery (33%), glasses (23%) and even menus (15%).

Two thirds of catering establishments say they can never catch customers stealing these types of objects in the act and they realise too late.

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