Flanders wants to establish business deals without Wallonia

Flanders are going to be in a position to reach investment agreements in association with the Grand Duchy Luxembourg, but without Wallonia.

The position was presented Tuesday by Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois at Parliament, in response to a question asked by Karl Vanlouwe (N-VA).

The nationalist minister does not accept Wallonia blocking business deals which Belgium and Luxembourg reach, together, with other countries. “Wallonia has been holding back these agreements for over a year, with serious consequences for our companies, like for example the companies which do dredging in Panama,” he explained.

Luxembourg has already decided to reach an agreement on its own with Iran, “a deal from which our Flemish companies will not benefit.”

Without these agreements, companies lose certain guarantees and must, for example, present their litigation to local jurisdictions.

In his opinion, Flanders, the federal sphere and Luxembourg must be able to reach such agreements without the other federal entities, which may join in afterwards.

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