Brexit protests close Belgian motorway

A protest by French customs has closed the Adinkerke (Oostduinkerke) crossing on the E40/A16 Brussels-Dunkirk motorway. French customs in the ports of Calais and Dunkirk have been working to rule in protest against French unpreparedness for Brexit and poor working conditions for four days now.

The French customs say they need more staff to cope with Brexit-related red tape and deserve a pay increase. Since the protests started thousands of lorries have been stuck in a jam between the Belgian border and the French Channel ports.

“This can’t continue like this” says Isabelle De Maegt of the Belgian transport federation Febetra. One hour waiting time easily costs 80 euros. The impact is tremendous, not only for transport businesses but also for businesses waiting for supplies.”

In order to stop the jams from getting even longer the E40 has been closed at Oostduinkerke for vehicles travelling to France. All vehicles must leave the motorway. Lorries are rerouted via the E17 while cars may continue their journey unhindered.

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