European Parliament refuses to touch ban on weekend cab rest

The European Parliament’s Transport Commission on Thursday rejected proposals aimed at increasing the driving time of truckers and weakening the ban on resting in cabins at weekends.

The European Parliament has been studying for months the European Commission’s “Mobility Package”, which should amend the rules on drivers’ rest time, cabotage and the seconding of drivers, mainly to address social dumping while maintaining the sector’s competitiveness.

On Thursday, a majority of the parliamentarians once again rejected the proposals on driving time and rest, blocking one proposal aimed at authorising drivers of heavy-duty vehicles to drive for 16 hours on two days each week, and upholding the ban on truckers’ spending the weekend in truck cabs, as exists in Belgium. “It’s not only crucial from a social point of view, but also for road safety,” Euro-parliamentarian Ivo Belet (Christian Democratic and Flemish party) commented.

Thursday’s vote should mean that there will be no change in driving and rest times before the European elections. A proposal aimed at applying the rules on secondment of workers to the transport sector also failed on Thursday.

However, the parliamentarians supported new rules on cabotage.

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