The strike caught the bus services between Leuven and Brussels

The strike of drivers who work for a subcontractor providing bus services to the Flemish public transport company De Lijn on the routes between Leuven (Flemish Brabant), led to the cancellation of dozens of flights and left thousands of passengers in a difficult situation. However, despite the strike by workers at the Staca bus garage in Kortenberg (Flemish Brabant), De Lijn says that the disruption is less severe than it had feared.

There are cancellations on the busy 351 and 358 bus routes that run from Leuven to Brussels, the 352 service that runs between Leuven and the Kraainem metro station and route 651 that runs between Zaventem Airport and Leuven. In addition to this services on route 333 between Leuven and Tremelo (Flemish Brabant) have also been impacted by the strike.

The strike has come about as a result of an ongoing dispute between management and staff at Staca. The Christian Trades Union’s Geert Witterzeel told VRT News that “This has come about as a result of a consultation process that didn’t work and due to bonuses that have not or only partially been paid out. There are also people that are on-call, but are not being paid for it. The issues have been broached at all levels, but this has fallen on deaf ears with management. The staff now wants to send out aa clear signal by downing tools.”

120 people work at Staca’s Kortenberg depot. It is still unclear whether the strike will continue into tomorrow.

The author: Michel DEURINCK

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