Cat found in Bucks reunited with owner 250 miles away in Belgium

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A cat which had been missing for 10 months and was found in Buckinghamshire has been reunited with its owner… 250 miles away in BELGIUM.

Gizmo went missing in August 2015, while temporarily living in Bucks with his owner Milene Letertre. Despite an extensive search, Gizmo could not be located and in November a heartbroken Milene moved back to her home in Silly, Belgium.

But last week, 10 months after eight-year-old Gizmo had gone missing, the RSPCA received a call from a concerned member of the public about a cat found in High Wycombe, which appeared to be ill.

The cat was scanned for a microchip, which came up as European and with Milene’s contact details.

Milene said at first she thought the call from the RSPCA inspector informing her Gizmo had been found ‘was a bad joke’.

“I didn’t believe this could happen 10 months after we lost him! It still seems unbelievable to me,” she said.

“I got Gizmo in 2008 and he has always lived in Silly with me and my dad. Five years ago, I left Belgium to study and work in the UK and my dad has been taking care of Gizmo ever since.

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