Call for candidates ‘Solidary refrigerators’

The Be Cool Support Team offers support to all organizations, associations, companies or persons who want to open a ‘Solidary refrigerator’ in the Brussels Capital Region. Candidates should apply before the end of September 2021.

At the end of 2013, the first ‘Solidary refrigerator’ in Brussels was opened. Today, the Brussels Region already has 9 of them. The Be Cool Support Team wants to expand this network and is launching a call for candidates.

What is a ‘Solidary refrigerator’?

The concept of the’Solidary refrigerator’ stems from the concept of ‘Food sharing’. These refrigerators are emerging citizen initiatives that make it possible to fight both food waste and poverty by redistributing unsold food and fresh leftover food.

Specifically, it is a room where refrigerators, freezers and shelves are installed to store unsold items collected nearby. Each ‘Solidary refrigerator’ has its own functioning, independence and vision of the ”Solidary refrigerator’. However, they have one thing in common: they are accessible to everyone and without conditions.

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