Wisconsin town celebrates all things Belgian

Did you know that among American Moscow’s, Paris’es and London’s there is at least one Brussels? It is situated in Wisconsin. American Brussels is a town with population around one thousand. The Belgian Heritage Center in Brussels, Wisconsin (USA) hosted its annual Belgian Kermiss Sunday. Kermiss is a traditional harvest celebration that features Belgian food, beer and music.

Some of the treats featured were Belgian pie, tortes and old-fashioned ice cream made on-site by using the power drive on a tractor.

The events were traditionally celebrated in each community in the Belgian settlement in consecutive weeks beginning before Labor Day and extending into October.

Every little community in southern Door and Northeast Wisconsin has a weekend designated for their Kermiss. This tradition goes back to the founding of this area by the Belgians in the 1850’s and 60’s.
Bill Chaudois

The event also featured guided tours of the nearby Belgian American Clubhouse– which was formerly a Catholic school and chapel, as Fox11 reported.

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