Belgium will control speed limits much more strictly

Anyone driving through Belgium this summer will have to reckon with stricter controls on the speed limit. Because the police could not process fines, trajectory checks and speed cameras in Flanders were sometimes delayed half the time. But recruiting additional staff will put an end to the lower chance.

In Belgium, traffic violations must be determined manually by an agent. For years, staff shortages provided an unorthodox solution: trajectory checks in Flanders sometimes went out half the time, and in Wallonia the tolerance limit was increased to 147 kilometers to avoid a tsunami of fines.

But that time is coming to an end. Flemish media report that minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Justice) henceforth always wants to flash from 129 kilometers per hour. By hiring additional staff, the police and the judiciary can now process the fines. In Flanders, the measure will take effect immediately and on motorways in the French-speaking part of Belgium, it is likely to be arranged on all routes by the end of August.

On local roads, the tolerance margins and flash quotas remain. A print for a speeding ticket starts at 53 euros.

The author: Michel DEURINCK

Michel Deurinck, born in Brussels in 1950, started his career in the Belgian civil service, dedicating over 30 years to public service. Upon retirement, he pursued his passion for journalism. Transitioning into this new field, he quickly gained recognition for his insightful reporting on politics and culture. Deurinck's balanced and thoughtful approach to journalism has made him a respected figure in Belgian media.

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