Temporary shortage leaves Brussels vaccine centre unavailable ’til 2022

Issues continue to crop up in vaccination centres in Brussels, after the latest one left people temporarily unable to book appointments to get vaccinated in 2021 due to a shortage of vaccines in the Pacheco centre.

While there are no issues for people who want to come in for their second dose or people who already booked last week, everyone else who received an invite to get vaccinated is currently being told they cannot register for an appointment in the coming year, when this is not actually the case.

Asked on the matter, Inge Neven of the Brussels Health Inspectorate told RTBF on Wednesday that there were “a few problems” with the services at the Pacheco centre, located in the Saint-Jean Clinic.

The waiting time before being able to book a time slot depends on the stock of vaccines available, she explained. “As soon as there is a restocking, you can register again, so it is important to keep trying.”

For now, it appears people may have to wait before they can book.

“The time slots will become available again once a new delivery has arrived,” Elke Colpaert of the Saint-Jean Clinic told Bruzz. “Hopefully, we will then be able to schedule new appointments again starting next week.”

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