Deliveroo focuses on virtual restaurants this year

The Deliveroo online food delivery company expects to have about 60 “virtual restaurants” in Belgium by the end of this year.

Virtual restaurants are existing establishments that sell additional dishes under a different name through Deliveroo. There are already 50 such restaurants in Belgium, according to Deliveroo’s Rodolphe Van Nuttel. “It’s realistic to think that by the end of the year there will be about 60,” he said. “This works very well in Belgium.”

Deliveroo’s couriers deliver cooked food on bicycles. This year, it is is focussing on “virtual brands”, concentrating on restaurants seeking market openings in given neighbourhoods, such as a pizza restaurant wishing to venture into selling wraps under another name through Deliveroo. This enables restaurants to increase the orders they receive.

Deliveroo has 2,600 active delivery staff in Belgium, according to Van Nuffel, who said some 13,000 persons would order at least one meal on the service this year.

The online delivery company wants to launch 1,700 virtual brands in Europe in 2019.

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