“Tournée minérale”: decrease in sales of alcoholic drinks by 15% in February 2017

The Federation of Drinks Distributors (Febed) indicated on Wednesday that sales of alcoholic drinks decreased by an average of 15% in February 2017, during the Tournée Minérale operation (“Mineral Campaign”).

The organisation of distributors is not opposed to “initiatives which aim to improve the health of citizens” but condemns the attention focused upon a single health-related element, in this instance the particular aspect being alcohol.

Febed explains that distributors are “investing in their business and are, once again, confronted with an action which might, quite reasonably, impact upon their turnover.”

The federation adds, “Unless the range of non-alcoholic drinks enables distributors to compensate for the loss that they will suffer in their alcoholic ranges, this type of action impacts upon the possibilities for investment in their own activities, within the hotel and catering industry generally or in staff.”

Febed stresses, “Although there is merit to Tournée Minérale, it is good that people who either prefer not to drink, or drink less for any reason, now have a wider range of drinks available to them.” Febed has distributed a brochure, with an insight into non-alcoholic alternatives, to its members. It concludes, “However the alcoholic alternatives do not naturally provide us with a guarantee that turnover will remain stable. In any event it will take time before consumer preferences will properly translate into a new range of commercial conditions, supplies and other factors.”

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