2017 Monarchy budget – 35 million euros

The Royal Family’s budget will run to a majestic total of 35,687,000 euros in 2017. This emerges from the projections in the General Expenditure Budget.

This was published by parliament’s Lower Chamber and reported in the Sudpresse publications today (Friday).

King Philippe’s civil list has been fixed at 11,786,000 euros, or an increase of 193,000 euros compared to the current year, due to indexation.

King Albert II, who abdicated in 2013, will be paid an amount of 924,000 euros, or an increase of 16,000 euros on the current year. Some 176,000 euros of this payment will be subject to income tax.

Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent will respectively receive 321,000 and 308,000 euros.

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