UberEATS takes off in the on-demand home meals delivery market in Brussels

The company UberEATS will start up tomorrow (Thursday) in the on-demand meals home delivery market in Brussels. It announced this in a communiqué.

Through its Web-based application, the Uber subsidiary will offer the inhabitants of Brussels the opportunity to order meals from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

UberEATS will not add delivery charges for users and, for the moment, is not proposing a minimum order total.

UberEATS is now available in 40 cities spread across 13 countries worldwide.

However, UberEATS is not the only player in this lucrative and expanding market of on-demand home meals delivery.

Several companies offer the concept of on-demand meals delivery, which are prepared in restaurants and delivered by “dispatch riders” on pedal cycles.

Deliveroo, an English group, has been present for a year in the capital. Pizza.be recently heated up its delivery service in the capital.

Until last July, for a long time the market had been comprised of the start-up “TakeEatEasy.”

The one hundred per cent Belgian owned company had to close owing to its receivership insolvency status.

More than 3,000 restaurants were linked with the Belgian company to deliver dishes to some 350,000 customers, covering a total of 20 cities across Belgium and Europe.

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