Brussels attacks – exemption from succession laws for victims’ loved ones

The loved ones of victims of attacks will shortly be exempt from the normal Belgian succession laws.

The Flemish and Brussels governments are currently discussing draft laws in this sphere. This is being reported in L’Echo today (Wednesday).

In Wallonia, has already had this form of exemption since 2013. It was adopted following the killing in Place Saint-Lambert in December 2011, which caused six deaths.

The Brussels Finance Minister, Guy Vanhengel, (of the Open Vld) announced on Monday, during a parliamentary committee, that a proposed order would be tabled very soon.

The proposal would make provision for the beneficiaries upon the intestacy of victims of isolated acts of violence to be exempt from the normal succession laws.

This would also include victims of the March 22nd attacks.

The Flemish government had already prepared similar proposals but the Council of State expressed several reservations in this regard.

The Executive will examine the relevant text at the end of the week.

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