EU countries do poker face, while the fight for gas is imminent

If the German economy is in trouble because of a Russian gas deficit, how much does Belgium share in the blows? That will come in handy. However, much depends on the imminent fight for energy in Europe.

The Belgian and German economies are closely intertwined. A nice illustration is the ethylene pipeline between the two countries. It connects the Antwerp chemical cluster with the German Ruhr area, and runs through a branch to Ludwigshafen, the home of the German chemical giant BASF.

But whether problems in German chemistry – for example due to a Russian gas embargo-will also have a serious impact on Belgian colleagues is not immediately clear. “It is difficult to estimate,” says Fanny Heyndrickx, the spokesman for BASF Antwerp, one of the suppliers of ethylene for the pipeline. “The customers of the ethylene in the pipeline are not only in Germany, but also in the Netherlands.”

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