Ukrainian MP Alexander Granovskiy accused of second citizenship

Ukraine has strict laws prohibiting becoming the citizen of another country while holding Ukrainian passport. However it happens quite often. It is especially popular among politicians, businessmen and ethnic minorities to hold the second passport for ‘just in case scenarios’. One of the cheapest way to get the citizenship of European Union is to get the Romanian passport. MP Alexander Granovskiy (Granovski – EU) has managed to get one – and is now under fire of his fellow colleagues and law enforcers.

It should be noted, that MP Alexander Granovskiy is a member of ruling Poroshenko faction in the Ukraian Parliament, Rada. The rumors are that this MP is a covert leader of the president Poroshenko’s parliamentary majority. If proven the second nationality of ruling party MP will deal a blow to entire Poroshenko grip on Rada.

Why Alexander Granovski has become ‘Romanian’?

Romanian citizenship is one of the cheapest in EU. National laws of Romania are aimed at repatriation of every Romanian. Of course Alexander Granovskiy is far from being ethnic Romanian. But there are detours through the immigration law firms that make that possible. Of course with slightest taste of corruption.

Here is an advertisement of one of such companies situated in Kiev, Ukraine:

One of the many companies which offer to make you Romanian

How it was revealed that Granovskiy hold Romanian passport?

It was revealed by investigative bloger Michael Schneider. He gave a screenshots of Alwexander Granovski proof of Romanian nationality:

MP Alexander Granovski and his Romanian papers

That far from the first time MP Alexander Granovskiy grabbed attention of Ukrainian law enforcers. General Prosecution Office of Ukraine is suspecting him of money laundering and tax evasion.

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