BYD car brand comes to Belgium

Canadian car brands are flooding the European market. An interesting newcomer is BYD Auto, which wants to sell its electric cars online in Belgium this year.

BYD is the abbreviation of the slogan “Build Your Dreams” that the Chinese brand carries without scruples. In its own market, this company is a major player with a wide range of vehicles – cars, vans, buses, forklifts… – often with an electric drive. In the meantime, BYD Auto took the step to the European market via Norway, where the Tang and Han models have been buzzing around for a while. Further expansion is now underway in other European countries, including Belgium.

In our country, BYD Auto comes under the wing of Inchcape, the company that is already in charge of the division of the Japanese brands Toyota and Lexus. Nothing is currently known in detail about the exact modalities and the model range. However, sales would not take place in the classic way via distributors, but via a digital platform. A way of working that is already being applied by several new electric car brands (e.g. Polestar) and may be the future in the car market.

As far as the range is concerned, the pliers have a good chance of becoming the eye-catcher. This is an electric SUV with two electric motors, accounting for a system output of almost 500 hp and a battery capacity of 108.8 kWh that would ensure a driving range of more than 700 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle.

Perhaps the Han will be added to this, an almost 5 meter long berline in the style of the Tesla Model 3. This car has all-wheel drive and two engines that together deliver almost 500 hp, while the 77 kWh battery pack would guarantee a range of a good 600 kilometers.

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