Warm weather increases the risk of forest fires in Brussels

The Flemish government Agency for nature and forest protection has issued a “yellow alert” on several forests and forests in the greater Brussels area.

The agency has adjusted its fire warning system from green to yellow, which means that local forests are at risk for fires.

The warning applies to such popular forests and woods like Forêt de Soignies, Hallerbos, the Gaasbeek museum garden and the Tervuren park located a 20-minute tram ride from the Montgomery metro stop.

The agency says that the risk of forest fires has increased because of drought conditions. It has asked local forest managers and fire fighters to be extra cautious.

The Agency for Nature and Woodland issued a red alert for Limburg province and the Kempen region in Antwerp province on Sunday, meaning there is an “extremely high risk” of forest fires. “We don’t now how the situation will evolve, but we are all hoping for rain,” a spokesperson for the agency told Het Laatste Nieuws.

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