Belgian airspace closed on Monday night

No flights will be possible on Monday night between 1:30 and 3:30, due to a shortage of air traffic controllers.

This is the latest update from Skeyes, the organization in charge of air traffic control in Belgium, reports Le Soir.

Temporary closures of airspace have already occurred during the weekend and through points of last week. This led to delays and cancellations.

Management tried to break the deadlock last week by concluding an agreement with the Socialist Union (ODOC/CSPF) at a Joint Committee meeting. But ACV/CSC did not accept.

On Tuesday, Skeyes will renter negotiations in an attempt to get out of the conflict. The management plans to go ‘point by point’ over the agreement that was already approved last week in the joint committee. In addition, the problem of overexertion of staff due to timetables will be discussed.

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