One in five job offers in Wallonia requires use of a second language

le fonem

In Wallonia, one in five job offers requires the use of at least one non-French language.

Le Forem (Wallonia’s employment and training service) states this, on the basis of known offers within its services.

Language requirements appear to affect higher levels of education more.

Thus, 36% of employment opportunities seeking individuals with a tertiary education qualification require the use of at least one foreign language. Dutch is the language most required by Walloon employers, ahead of English.

The largest requirements for languages are job offers in management and the IT profession, the hotel and catering trade and communication. Thus, some 60% of job offers in the hotel and catering trade demand a knowledge of Dutch and/or English.

Le Forem also observes that the present linguistic skills of job seekers do not meet present market demand. Thus, only 11% of Walloon job seekers have knowledge of Dutch and 25% of English.

Provincial differences, within Wallonia, have also been flagged up. There are 22% of job seekers in Hainaut with knowledge of Dutch, English and/or German. This compares to 49% in Walloon Brabant (and 26% in the Namur province, 32% in Liège and 35% in the Luxembourg province).

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