SAMU Social homeless reception centres at maximum capacity in Brussels

The Brussels SAMU Social reception centre (which provides emergency care and medical attention to the homeless) opened its Haren centre on Monday.

The group of reception centres now has a maximum capacity of 1,300 homeless places.

On Monday night, 68 homeless people spent the night at the Haren centre.

In Schaerbeek, CPAS (the Public Welfare Centre) and the Red Cross, moreover opened their own centre on Tuesday, known as the “chauffoir” or the “cooker”, on account of its providing hot food.

On Sunday evening, 950 individuals were accommodated in the seven Brussels reception centres.

The Haren centre, financed by the federal authorities with 300 places, was the last to open on Monday. A day centre, financed by the Brussels region, is also anticipated in the location.

The SAMU Social spokesman, Christophe Thielens, says, “It can be seen that the issue of accommodation is more important when the temperatures are lower. As winter goes on, individuals are increasingly vulnerable to the cold.”

During the winter months, SAMU Social teams travel the length and breadth of the city seeking out the homeless. During the daytime, a team is operational. Between 5 p.m. and 2 a.m. in the morning, two or three teams carry out such searches.

Each team is made up of a nurse, a psychologist, a coach and a social worker.

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