VLM Airlines receives Belgian licence for Fokker 50

Besides its air operator’s certificate (AOC) for the Airbus A320 which it landed a few days ago, the Belgian airline VLM Airlines now also has such a document for its Fokker 50 aeroplanes.

This was indicated on Tuesday by its Chairman, Harm Prins. This confirmed information from VRT.

We learned, on Tuesday, that FPS Mobility had granted such a licence for the two A320 aircraft that VLM had acquired from Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium. The company now confirms through its Chairman, the Dutchman Harm Prins, having also received the “invaluable sesame” for the Fokker 50 aeroplanes, which it is already using owing to the AOC, for one of these aircraft, on its Antwerp-London City route. With this Belgian licence, VLM can now use the remaining Fokker 50s in its fleet.

VRT says that in the medium term, all of these various aircraft should be able to take passengers to Brussels and Ostend airports. VLM intends to operate long-haul flights to China from there. However, the issue at the moment is that the company does not yet have the aircraft for such long-haul distances.

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