The price of diesel has reached its highest level since September 2013

The energy Department announced on Friday an increase in the maximum price of diesel fuel pumps, starting on Saturday, due to the increase in prices of petroleum products in world markets.

The maximum price for 10S diesel is now 1.5020 euros per litre, an increase of 2.9 cents and the highest level it has reached since the 10th of September 2013.

The Administration also announced increases in the price ceilings for extra heating diesel and liquified petroleum gas (LPG).

Diesel prices have been pushed up by the gradual increase in excise since 2015 to bring it in line with gasoline. More recently, there has been feverish activity on oil markets due to fears, that later turned out to be justified, that the United States would pull out of the Iran international nuclear deal. Oil prices recently reached their highest level since November 2014.

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