Melissa Depraetere demands energy debts to be frozen

The debts of families to energy suppliers should be temporarily frozen. That’s according to Vooruit group leader in the chamber Melissa Depraetere. “We need to give people time to seek help to pay off their debt,” she says.

The high energy prices, which have risen to new record highs now that Russia has turned off the gas tap to Poland and Bulgaria, are no longer affordable for many families, the Socialists fear.

“The Federation of Belgian energy companies sees an increase in the number of installment plans. Engie (energy supplier, Ed.) says they have increased by half. Just over 10 percent of families experience payment difficulties,” says federal faction leader Melissa Depraetere.

Vooruit is therefore calling for a temporary freeze on debts with energy suppliers. That should avoid families falling into a debt spiral, as they have to incur additional costs due to the debts.

We need to give people time to seek help to pay off their debt. Until then, additional costs must be frozen. We must protect our families in this energy crisis.

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