Molenbeek mayor calls for collective effort for next end-of-year celebrations

Molenbeek Mayor Catherine Moureaux on Tuesday stressed the need “for the authorities to take steps to best guarantee the safety of citizens at the next end-of-year celebrations.”
She was reacting to the disturbances that occurred on the night of Sunday to Monday at the Place des Etangs noirs and the fire that damaged three cars and two facades on Rue Ribaucourt in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

Catherine Moureaux said she intended to “do everything to make sure the authors of these depredations are not left with any sense of impunity”. She also thanked the police and fire service for the work they did in particularly difficult circumstances on New Year’s Eve and early on the 1st of January.

During the disturbances at the Place des Etangs noirs, a square in Molenbeek, four police vehicles and two small fire engines were stoned. Four police officers were slightly injured while many business places were damaged.

Noting that this type of unrest also occurred in various other Brussels communes, the mayor said preventive action against this type of violence should not be merely local.

“Given the recurrence of incidents during the yearend festivities in the commune (Molenbeek) and elsewhere, it seems essential to me for the authorities to take steps to best guarantee the safety of citizens for the next end-of-year celebrations,” she said. “I am going to suggest this to the Police authorities.”

Mayor Moureaux also said the commune’s services remained at the disposal of citizens and business people of Molenbeek who incurred damages.

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