PM Charles Michel targeted in new IS video

PM Charles Michel

The Belgian prime minister Charles Michel has let it be known that he will not allow himself to be intimidated by threats from the terrorist outfit IS.

Mr Michel was responding to an internet video in which the Islamist group blames the Belgian premier for the Brussels attacks.

The video shows soldiers on the streets of Brussels, the scene of devastation at Brussels Airport following the blasts and pictures of the Belgian premier at a news conference. Subtitling in English reads: “Brussels is in terror, so don’t blame anyone but your government for that.”

PM Michel says he will not allow himself to be intimidated by threats: We are determined to continue the fight against terrorism together with our partners. We will not pull back. Combatting the terrorist group IS means safeguarding our democracy and the safety of our citizens.”

It’s not the first time that Mr Michel’s name surfaces in IS propaganda. His security detail was beefed up following explicit threats. Other members of the Belgian cabinet too enjoy similar protection.

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