Walloon decree on multiple central and local government positions: minister-mayor conundrum rumbles on

The head of the group MR in the Walloon parliament, Pierre-Yves Jeholet, stressed this morning (Wednesday) that the agreement proposed by the presidents of the PS, MR and the cdH drastically reduces the prohibition on holding multiple positions.

The agreement would, for example, still potentially result in permit being a deputy in the Walloon parliament contemporaneously with a position in the municipal electoral college.

Linked to this is the issue of redrawing the Walloon electoral constituencies, but also the key agreement on removing the holding of multiple positions, for example as minister and mayor.

As Le Soir reveals today (Wednesday), the solution contemplated in the Walloon decree, would limit the obligation not to have multiple roles as a deputy and in the municipal college to constituencies with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

“This is a form of harmonisation with Europe,” between, for example holding the position of MEP and a being a member of the municipal electoral college, Pierre-Yves Jeholet explains, confirming his support for this option.

In his eyes, a final agreement will be linked to reconfiguring electoral constituencies in Wallonia, as demanded in a Constitutional Court decision.

However, it is also connected to not holding multiple functions, such as minister and mayor.

This is a matter which especially impacts upon the Minister-President and Mayor of Charleroi, Paul Magnette (PS), as well as the cdH Vice-President of the Walloon government and the Mayor of Namur, Maxime Prévot.

It could in theory affect any federal minister.

Questioned by Belga, Mr Jeholet moreover confirmed that the MR is ready to change the emphasis of its position on the matter.

The party accepts, as a possibility, the idea that the given minister may remain as a mayor, but only actually exercising the functions of a general local councillor without portfolio.

The author: Michel THEYS

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