Eggs contaminated with fipronil – the food industry can’t get enough eggs

The Belgian consumer may soon have to pay a lot more for their lasagne or croissant, De Tijd reported on Saturday.

Belgian producers can’t get enough eggs since the Fipronil contamination scandal. Egg prices have doubled since the scandal.

La Lorraine, which delivers bakery products, and Continent Foods, which makes Devos and Lemmens sauces, have both seen their costs skyrocket. “We plan to cover our costs. We are currently in discussion with our clients” the CEO for La Lorraine, Guido Vanherpe, told De Tijd. The food industry has been seriously affected by the increase in egg prices, although the scandal has had less of an impact on eggs that go straight from the farm to the shop.

Companies that transform eggs and then resell them in liquid or powder form are in an even worse situation. “We can’t get enough eggs to our clients”, Johan Van Bosch, the General Secretary for the Belgian Producers Union, told De Tijd. “We want to forcibly terminate our existing contracts with the food industry”.

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