Fifteen persons poisoned at European Council; medical emergency plan launched

Fifteen persons were poisoned on Friday morning in the European Council’s Justus Lipsius building.

Substances used in the building’s canteen, and which were not immediately identified, caused the poisonings, whose symptoms are vomiting and tingling in the eyes, said Pierre Meys, spokesman of the Brussels Fire Service. A medical emergency plan has been launched.

The Press Service of the European Council explained that a technical problem occurred in the ventilation systems of the building’s kitchens, giving off toxic fumes that affected some kitchen employees. The fire and emergency services went in to assess the situation and evacuate kitchen staff, the Council added.

“As a safety measure, and in consultation with the Belgian authorities, it was then decided to evacuate the staff in the building, the Council said, adding that an investigation aimed at finding out the exact cause of the incident was ongoing.

The press service said the European Summit scheduled to be held in the same building on 19-20 October next, will take place normally.

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