New rules for passing the theory driving license exam in Brussels

Concretely,only the rating system has undergone major changes, not the test itself. Candidates will not be able to make more than one serious error and have to reach a minimum of 41 points out of 50.

There will be fifty questions asked, but a serious error will automatically result in the loss of five points, while a “light” error is synonymous with one lost point. A similar system is already applicable in Flanders and Wallonia.

In the Brussels Region, it will be possible to take the theoretical exam in Dutch or French. It will also be possible to take the exam in English and German with the help of an interpreter.

The two Brussels test centers (Anderlecht and Schaerbeek) are open from 07:15 to 16:00. It is not possible to make an appointment in advance and registrations are made on arrival. A complete exam takes about thirty minutes.

If a candidate fails two consecutive attempts, 12 hours of driving lessons will be required before the exam can be retaken.

These changes decided by the Brussels regional government will be followed on 1 November 1 this year by several modifications of the practical test.

Candidates will have the choice between four alternative tests (mixed free path/driving school, direct access to the exam after 30 hours of driving lessons, free path and driving school) instead of two alternatives in the current system. First aid training and a risk perception test will also become mandatory.

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