Belgium stunned after Anti-Christian Muslim video emerges

With the continuous high alert warning in Europe, it is no wonder that a viral anti-Christian video of an imam’s 16-year-old son would draw outrage from Christians living in Belgium. That throws thick shadow on constant mumbling about ‘the peaceful religion’.

According to Haaretz, the Muslim teenager in the video was chanting “Allah, kill the despicable Christians! Allah, kill each and every last one of them!” The video was reportedly recorded during the Ramadan this year, and was only translated after the horrific terrorist killing of French priest Jacques Hamel last July, Christian Times reports.

A police investigation was ordered when the online translation of the video was released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Police confirmed that the young man in the video was the son of local radical cleric imam Sheikh Alami. The Muslim leader is of Dutch and Moroccan citizenship.

Reports said that Theo Francken, Immigration Minister of Belgium, accused the imam of starting the call to violence against Christians and encouraging young people to join ISIS. Alami was already issued a deportation order.

“It’s obvious that his father, the imam, is promoting such ideas not just to fighters to join the battle in Syria, but also to his own children,” Francken said in the report. “The young man who appears in the video reflects the father’s views, and I understand and empathize with the great concern that city residents have over this,” he added.

Belgium suffered an ISIS attack in Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train last March. At least 35 people where killed, according to the Christian Post.

Meanwhile, ISIS launched its latest propaganda early this month via the an issue of their English magazine “Dabiq,” according to a Briebart report. It focused on the Islamic State’s call to for people to convert to Islam and reject Christianity. The magazine contained arguments that said Jesus is just a servant of Allah and will fight for Allah in the last days. The magazine also stated that they will not stop fighting until everyone has converted to Islam.

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