Unilever reports less sales, more profits

Unilever sold fewer products in the past six months, but earned more. By raising prices themselves, the London food giant suffered little from inflation.

“Unilever has delivered half a year that builds on our momentum from 2021, despite the challenges of high inflation and lower global growth,” said Alan Jope, Unilever CEO.

The London food giant saw sales increase in the US and Indian markets in particular. Internet sales also increased significantly. Sales in a third major market, China, lagged, mainly due to Corona lockdowns in that country.

Sales volume decreased by 1.6 percent, while prices rose by 9.8 percent. Sales increased by 14.9 percent to 29.6 billion euros. Of which, after deducting the costs, an operating profit of 4.5 billion euros remained. That profit was 1.7 percent higher than in the first half of 2021.

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