North Korea tensions: Didier Reynders says that EU could play mediation role

Speaking on Bel-RTL, Didier Reynders, considered on Tuesday morning, “The European Union may try to play a mediation role” in resolving the North Korean conflict.

The head of Belgian diplomacy called for the strengthening of sanctions against Pyongyang, but also the opening of dialogue.

Mr Reynders stated, “The entire international community must come together. We will not reach a solution without increasing sanctions, but also need at the same time to seek a dialogue.” He insisted upon the fundamental involvement of China in this process, but also the need for the European Union (EU) to make its voice heard in the matter.

The minister detailed that the EU may act as a mediator, such as the role it played during the negotiations leading Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons programme. Moreover, he considered that there is no “actual military solution” to the North Korean issue.

On Sunday, North Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb with a capacity estimated at 50 kilotonnes, or five times greater than the previous North Korean test. Pyongyang may now have the capacity to place a nuclear bomb on a missile, which is able to reach the United States. However, the western world is, at present, not absolutely certain of this.

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