Flemish Christian Democrats apply the brake

Through one of its MEPs, Jef Van den Bergh, the Flemish Christian Democrats opposed today (Thursday) the concept introduced by the Transport Minister, François Bellot (MR).

Bellot’s idea is to increase the maximum speed on certain motorway sections in Belgium, and at certain times.

Mr Van den Bergh comments, “An increase in the maximum speed will increase the risk of serious accidents.”

He elaborates, “In addition, there are very few motorway sections without feeder roads, or exits where such speed increases would be possible.”

Minister Bellot’s proposal comes after a study by the Belgian Institute for Traffic Safety (known as “the IBSR”) upon the issue.

The Flemish Christian Democrats Transport expert says that this confirms what was already known.

This is that variable speeds can have a positive effect upon traffic flow. He says this is one of the three major challenges for any transport policy, alongside CO2 emissions and safety.

Van den Bergh is, however, opposed to a speed increase up to 130 kilometres per hour.

He argues, “Such an increase is not an option for our country.”

Moreover, the Flemish Christian Democrat says that the IBSR does not support the idea. Although not absolutely excluding it, the IBSR considers that an increase would lead to too many disadvantages overall.

In opposition, the sp.a also expresses its objection to the project. The Flemish Socialists take a strong view, “Minister Bellot is taking undue risks if he follows through this policy.”

The author: Clémentine FORISSIER

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