Comics: comic drawings taken from the ‘Prisoners of the Sun’ auctioned for €125,000 this Sunday in Brussels

Comic drawings taken from the cartoon book series “Prisoners of the Sun” from the adventures of Tintin and Milou were auctioned for €125,000 on Sunday.

This took place during an auction sale organised by the auction house Huberty Breyne. A further lot from the same cartoon book series found a buyer for the princely sum of €55,000.

A cartoon book by Blake and Mortimer (‘The Secret of the Swordfish, Volume 2’) was also auctioned for €13,500 whilst a Bluecoats comic book (‘The Blues in the Mud’) went for €26,000. Lastly, a Moebius series comic went for €38,000, and a Fluide Glacial Gotlib cover found a buyer at €14,500.

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