The Justice Minister reinstates short sentences

Prisoners sentenced to up to three years in prison should now spend more time behind bars, the Sudpresse and Mediahuis papers reported on Saturday.

Since July, a measure has allowed those with short prison sentences to be released earlier, as long as they weren’t convicted of crimes related to terrorism and paedophilia. This measure meant a two year term could be reduced to 4 months, rather than 8 as before.

Nearly 900 prisoners have been released through this measure over the last few months, mainly to help deal with prison overcrowding.

“This measure was always going to be temporary”, said Justice Minister Koen Geens. From the 1st of January, those sentenced to one to three years in prison will once again have to serve at least a third of their sentence.

The author: Michel THEYS

Michel Theys, a Belgian native, began his career as a civil servant, serving the public for several decades. After retirement, he shifted gears to follow his passion for journalism. With a background in public administration, Theys brought a unique perspective to his reporting. His insightful articles, covering a wide array of topics, swiftly gained recognition. Today, Michel Theys is a respected journalist known for his balanced and thoughtful reporting in the Belgian media landscape.

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