Brexit: London wants a new security treaty with the EU

On Sunday, the British government said it wanted a new security treaty with the EU.

This would allow the EU and UK to continue working together to fight crime and terrorism after Brexit.

“A treaty would be a legal basis for the continuation of police, security and penal cooperation after we leave the EU”, the executive body said in a press release. This press release was sent out before a document on the subject was published on Monday.

A treaty would prevent the apparition of “operational gaps” after Brexit, in March 2019.

The document sets out the UK’s position on staying in Europol, the agency that fights serious international crime and terrorism. The UK will also give its position on a future customs agreement with the EU, the Northern Irish border and cooperation on defence.

“Efficient international cooperation is absolutely crucial for both the UK and EU if we want to keep our citizens safe and bring criminals to justice”, David Davis, the Minister in charge of Brexit, said in a press release.

“We already collaborate closely with the EU on security, and it is in our interest to find ways to improve that”, he added.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to give her next big speech on Brexit in Florence (Italy) on the 22nd of September. That’s two days before the start of the fourth round of ‘divorce’ term negotiations with Brussels on the on the 25th of September.

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