Bxl tour this Sunday will close some roads and tunnels

Motorists and others using public transport are being warned that today’s second edition of the BXL Tour cycle race, organised by the city of Brussels, is likely to cause major disruption with the closure of tunnels and certain main roads.

This year’s race has been extended from the 28km of the first edition to 40km, linking the Place des Palais to the Atomium. Last year 3,000 cyclists took part. This year, the number has gone up to 5,000, split into 200 licensed and experienced cyclists, and 4,800 amateurs.

The main closures operating until 1330 are:

Boulevard du Centenaire between place Louis Steens and square de l’Atomium, Place des Palais, the Belliard tunnel in the direction of Tervuren, avenue de Tervuren, boulevard du Souverain, boulevard Général Jacques, boulevard Auguste Reyers, boulevard Lambermont, avenue Van Praet, avenue du Parc Royal, exits from the A12 direction Brussels, and the Montgomery tunnel direction Reyers.

Tunnels on the inner ring are open as usual. Parking, meanwhile, is forbidden everywhere along the route.

The author: Michel THEYS

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