Park-and-rides around Brussels risk delays

The expansion that would have provided thousands of extra parking spaces for cars or bicycles parking lots around Brussels that Flemish Minister for Mobility, Ben Weyts (N-VA) promised in 2018, could now be postponed, according to Flemish MP, Lionel Bajart (Open Vld).

Under the project – which is still on schedule according to Weyts – a total of 1,905 parking spaces are planned for cars, in addition to 2.143 bicycle parking spaces. These combi parking spaces, close to train or tram stations, where people can leave their cars or bicycles behind and switch to another means of transport, had to be in place before 2021.

“By May 2018, a lot of study work had already been done and there was a well-developed plan that had to be implemented as quickly as possible,” said Bajart. “Now it seems that the majority of the announced extra capacity sites are still in the study phase, or that the studies still have to be started.”

On schedule

However, according to the Minister, the project is on schedule. “It concerns a lot of locations, so it is not surprising that there are still studies in progress for different locations. At other locations, however, we will soon be able to start with a call for tenders”, said Weyts.

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