Volgende Kft: a new and promising player in the fintech market

One of the most dynamically developing areas of business in the world in recent years is the so-called FinTech. In this article we will talk about one of the new players in this market – the Hungarian company Volgende Kft.

The world is accelerating. Services are also accelerating. In particular, thanks to new technologies that enable a person to carry out absolutely any actions he needs in life online. Purchases, sales, delivery, bill payments – all this becomes easy to do through a computer or smartphone. The merit in this is a relatively new sphere – fintech.

Volgende Kft and the fintech applications

New applications for conducting online transactions – money transfers, loans, utility payments — allow businesses, as well as ordinary people, not to spend a lot of time on actions that used to take a huge amount of time.

Startups such as Bolt (delivery), Addepar (wealth management platform for registered investment advisors specializing in data collection, analytics and portfolio reporting), Alchemy blockchain platform have become known all over the world. There are original ideas, such as BHander, which allows you to make payments with cryptocurrency with confirmation by reading a fingerprint. And there are a huge number of such projects now. It is natural that investors actively invest money in these fintech startups. This is understandable – if successful, you can get a considerable profit.

However, often, working in this direction, the investor does not always understand the pitfalls that accompany a particular startup. This often ends sadly, as it leads to unsuccessful investments.

Volgende Kft and the venture investment: what are the opportunities?

Now a very promising company from Hungary has entered the fintech market – Volgende Kft, which specializes in venture investments. Having appeared recently, the company made several very successful purchases, after which experts started talking about it.

Investment evaluation is one of the key areas that Volgende Kft analysts are engaged in. Checking startups is not an easy task, and for this you need to be well versed in the specifics of the fintech market.

“We use in-depth industry knowledge and new technologies to create your business that will stand out from the crowd and make a profit,” Volgende Kft notes.

The company is also engaged in the purchase of startups “for growth”. In other words, acting as an investor in the early stages, Volgende Kft brings it to a new level, after which it sells them at a large discount.

Volgende Kft aims high

The Hungarian fintech company is also allowed to move forward by its ties with international financial funds.

“We specialize in working with technology companies from all over the world, with clients from start-up technology startups to large multinational corporations,” Volgende Kft says.

In the near future, it is expected to prepare a number of high-profile purchases that will surprise the fintech market. According to experts, thanks to professionalism and understanding of which startups can “take off” now, Volgende Kft has every chance to enter the group of the strongest players among fintech companies.

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