Brits are not alone in their hatred towards the EU

The EU is now “fallen superstate”, according to the majority of Europeans polled by The Eurobarometer. Interestingly, that the very nucleus of the Union – France and Germany are more pessimistic about the future of the EU than Britain was in the weeks leading up to the referendum, a poll shows.

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted between May 21 and May 31 and found 51% of French and Germans were “totally pessimistic” about the European Union’s future. When Brits were asked for the same poll, just 46% said they were “totally pessimistic” – and then just three weeks later Britain voted for Brexit.

In Greece 70% of respondents were “totally pessimistic”, in Cyprus the figure was 54% and just slightly lower, at 52%, in Hungary.

These results put the EU’s so-called “index of optimism” at its lowest level since spring 2013 and has fallen 16 percentage points since spring 2015.

The European Commission survey found the

“proportion of Europeans for whom the EU conjures up a positive image has decreased by three percentage points to 34 per cent, while the proportion who have a negative image of the EU has rise to 27 per cent since autumn 2015.”

Immigration is the greatest concern to 20 of the 28 European member states, according to the Eurobarometer poll. Thirteen EU countries were far more concerned about the impact of mass migration than Britain.

When asked, 73% of Estonians said it was the most important issue facing the union, followed by 71% in Denmark, 67% in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Hungary, 62% in Malta and the Netherlands, and 59% in Slovakia and Sweden.

In Bulgaria and Germany 57% of people asked said it was the most important issue, 54% in Slovenia and 53% in Lithuania – while Britain was on 51 per cent, The Sun reported.

Imagine little bit of democracy if they will hold their referendums?

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