City trip in Zagreb? This is what you have to do

Zagreb is not only the capital of Croatia, but also a city that you simply have to visit. You must have seen the architecture, the atmosphere and the life there. This is why you have to go to the city.

Zagreb may not be on the Adriatic Sea or the beach, but it is without a doubt one of the most charming and beautiful cities in Croatia . The liveliness, culture and history of the Croatian capital will certainly make your trip worthwhile.

The city is very touristy, but at the same time you feel at ease. You don't feel the pressure here to see all the sights as quickly as possible, such as with other capital city trips such as Paris or Rome . In Zagreb you get a better chance to discover the local life and to visit the sights at your leisure.

Impressive city

In Europe we are quite typical images of the capitals. But in Zagreb that is not the case at all and you have a cityscape that is completely different than you expect. In the capital of Croatia you will find a fascinating mix of classical Austro-Hungarian architecture and modern.

You will also find here some beautiful buildings that immediately stand out. Just think of the iconic, colorful roof of the Church of San Marco and the twin towers of the Zagreb Cathedral that rise above the Croatian capital. So beautiful to see and of course also to take pictures of. If you want to know more about how to take better photos while traveling, take a look here: How to make the most beautiful and original travel photos without filters.

The cityscape of Zagreb is really beautiful. Not only the cozy houses and streets, but also the Zagreb 360 tower and the Lotrščak tower are impressive to see.

In contrast to the old cobbled streets of the old town full of ornate, age-old buildings, you have Novi Zagreb. The urban district with modernist and communist architecture of concrete that was built during the Yugoslavia era.

The Middle Ages in Zagreb

In Zagreb you go back in time in a certain region. Gradec is a part of the medieval core of the capital where many artisans and traders are located. It is also just a picturesque old quarter that is ideal for walks. Take a walk through the cobblestone streets and you will really feel in the Middle Ages.

On St. Mark's Square it is all about culture and politics. Here you will find, for example, the Croatian Parliament and the Constitutional Court. You will also find the church of San Marco here, as you might guess, which gave the square its name. The church has retained much of its original Romanesque architecture, but afterwards it was somewhat mixed with Gothic additions in the 1300s.

At the top of Radićeva Street is the last remaining city gate of Gradec, which became a sanctuary for the Blessed Virgin Mary. After a fire in the 18th century, the entire building was destroyed, except for a painting by the Virgin.

Every European capital has impressive art and history museums. But the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb is something else … Here everyday items such as old shoes and a toaster are exhibited. You would think that it is really not interesting, but the objects are emotionally loaded with stories about a lost love. It is moving to see, but certainly worth a visit.

Mummies in Zagreb

The location of Zagreb has resulted in many historic meeting points between West and East. Because of this, a number of civilizations have brought a lot of history.

By visiting the archaeological museum of the city, you will discover all sorts of eras and cultures. One of the best pieces here is the Vučedol Dove, a statue dating from 2500 BC. In addition, there is also Liber Linteus, an Etruscan mummy from the 3rd century BC, which was packed with links that contain the longest Etruscan text in the world. Most of the text has not even been translated, because so little is known about the language.

Art of Mimara

The Mimara museum, named after the art collector Ante Topić Mimara, has permanent exhibitions that he donated. Some critics claim that there are some fakes in the museum's collection, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take a look because the works on display are beautiful. You also have art here from great masters such as Canaletto, Rubens, Velazquez, Goya, Monet and Degas.

A bit of nature in Zagreb

If you just want to escape from the hustle and bustle you have to go to Lenucijeva potkova, or the horse's hoof of Lenuci. It is a U-shaped system of various city squares with parks. The series of squares, fountains and buildings will immediately make you realize what the former Austro-Hungarian empire looked like.

In the horseshoe you will find the Botanical Garden with a collection of 10,000 plant species from all over the world. You will also find the Croatian National Theater here, the most important location in Zagreb for ballet, opera and theater.

In summer it can get very hot in Zagreb because the city is actually inland. That is why the lake in Jarun is a wonderful option. Here you can do all kinds of recreational activities. Just think of rowing, kayaking, skateboarding and cycling. Those who just want to chill on a pebble beach by the lake can certainly go here. Maybe with a picnic?

This region is also interesting in the evenings. There are a number of bars and nightclubs here on the lakeshore.

Go out or have a nice meal in Tkalčićeva

Whether you like live music in a bar or just enjoy a cozy meal at a restaurant, Tkalčićeva is the street you need to be. Maybe compare it with the entertainment district in Berlin ? During the day it is really a charming street with cozy houses with balconies and awnings that you will certainly appreciate during a romantic walk.

Once the sun goes down, you can choose from the nicest cafés, restaurants and nightlife in Zagreb.

Ilica is also fun

What you should definitely do in Zagreb is take a walk on the most famous shopping street of the city. Ilica Street runs from Ban Josip Jelačić Square to the Vrapče district, making it one of the longest streets in Zagreb.

This long shopping location is a magnet for tourists, but that has a reason. In this street you will find everything you need: from local boutiques to famous clothing stores for fashion lovers. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal afterwards, you can visit dozens of restaurants, cafés, bakeries and bars in the area. Delicious!

Zagreb is the place to be for coffee addicts

Caffeine addicts will certainly be in their element in the Croatian capital. Everywhere in the center you come across endless rows of terraces where people drink coffee. Thanks to a delicious mix of Italian, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian influences, the coffee culture is top notch here.

In Croatia it is also very important to socialize with others. Whether it's about friendships or doing business, people always drink coffee in Croatia. A cup is essential if you sit down somewhere. And rightly so, because coffee is also healthy, is n't it?

Discover the local farms on Dolac market

If you like markets, then a visit to the farmer's market in Zagreb is really essential. Dolac is open in the morning and gives you the chance to discover products from regional farms. The locals speak of 'the belly of Zagreb', because here you can buy meat, seafood, dairy products, vegetables and Croatian artisan products. And everything is nice and fresh.

It is also very nice to see how the locals come here every day to do their shopping. It's something different than going to the supermarket, isn't it? The stairwell that leads to the market takes you to Optovina, the most important flower market in the city. Take flower then?

If you would like to go to Croatia, but don't like Zagreb, you can also go on a city trip to Dubrovnik .

Anyway, we love Croatia <3

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