The Belgian victim of the Stockholm attack is a 31 year old woman from Lembeek

Stockholm attack

The Belgian victim of Friday’s lorry attack in Stockholm is a 31 year old woman from Lembeek (Hal).

The commune’s mayor, Dirk Pieters (Christian Democrats), spoke about it on Sunday.

“It appears she was on a city trip to Stockholm. I didn’t know her personally, but I met her several times. I know her parents very well. They are extremely kind people who have lived in Hal for a long time, and have always been very involved in the community”, the mayor said. He was very shocked at the news. “I am shocked by every attack, but when you can put a face to the victim and know their parents personally, it’s even worse”.

Hal authorities will talk with the victim’s family over the coming days to discuss how best to support them.

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