Brussels attacks: the confirmed victims

Brussels attacks victims

Aside from the bombers, 25 of the dead have now been identified but at this stage only 21 names have been released.

Lauriane Visart, Belgium, 27

The jurist and legal adviser was killed in the metro attack. Her father, an economics correspondent for the state broadcaster RTBF, appeared on an evening bulletin and said: “Lauriane had extremely strong values that she fiercely defended, including equality, justice, tolerance, gender equality. I’m not naive, I know very well that security is essential today. But I think that if we build walls of exclusion, if we cultivate hatred, we’re heading for disaster. If we want a different world in the future, we need respect, tolerance and love. And we owe that to all the Laurianes in the world.”

Sabrina Fazal, Belgium, 24

The nursing student was on her way to college when she was killed in the metro attack.

Justin and Stephanie Shults, US

Justin Shults, 30, and his wife Stephanie, 29, who had lived in Brussels for two years, were killed at the airport. A family member said they were dropping Stephanie’s mother off and were watching her walk through security when the bombs went off. The White House said Obama offered his condolences and praised the couple as epitomising all that was good about America. Justin Shults was originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and his wife was a native of Lexington, Kentucky. They graduated together from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

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